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Urbo Coalition 2011: Kevin Durant's 42 powers Awash to Urbo Coalition title over Linkin Park. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wendall A. Stevens   
Sunday, 14 August 2011 18:39

  NE Washington, DC - Awash & Associates win the 2011 Urbo Coalition Championship 140-124 in front of a standing room only crowd in the hollowed gym of legends at Spingarn High School. Awash's Kevin Durant pumped in 42 points in the house that Elgin Baylor, Dave Bing, and Sherman Douglas built. Brian "Too Fast Too Furious" Chase and Josh "The Boy Wonder" Selby (Memphis Grizzlies) poured in 28 and 26 points respectively as Awash captured the victory over Linkin Park. Dele "Daylight" Ojo led Linkin Park with 32 points and despite double digits performances from Donte "The Green Light" Greene (Sacramento Kings) Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones, and Anthony "Gumby" Williams, Awash proved too strong with KD.

KD has been barnstorming the country all summer, putting up headlines on sports television and racking up views on Youtube. KD turned in a 66 point performance at the famed Rucker Park in NYC and was filmed throwing down highlight dunks at the Drew and Melo Leagues over the last two weeks. Of course the country now knows what the folks here in DC have known for years, and that is Kevin Durant is the top predator.

The pace was fast and furious with three points shots and dunks galore. Awash opened up the lead early in the first half and never relinquished it.  Brian Chase and Josh "The Boy Wonder" Selby attacked the basket in transition but it was Durant that tipped the scales in Awash's favor. Durant was hitting threes, fours, fives, six and sevens.  As for KD's game, nothing has changed except the numbers on his Range (Rover).

Linkin Park's Dele "Daylight" Ojo has been a D Lite all summer. Ojo owns a penthouse above the rim and despite the offensive pressure he Anthony "Gumby" Williams, Shaq, and Donte "The Green Light" Greene applied, Awash answered with baskets.

Plays of the game

Second Quarter

Kevin "The Top Predator" Durant shakes Donte "The Green Light" Greene with a dribble move and sinks a jumper that hits nothing but net.

Fourth Quarter

Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones's leaning Jordanesque style slam dunk attempt is blocked by Ater "Can't Touch This" Majok.

KD "The Top Predator" sinks two consecutive 30 foot shots that hit nothing but the bottom of the net.

Top Scorers


Kevin "The Top Predator" Durant -42

Brian "Too Fast Too Furious" Chase - 28

Josh "The Boy Wonder" Selby - 26

Omar "The Dream" Weaver - 18

Ater "Can't Touch This" Majok - 14


Linkin Park

Dele "Daylight" Ojo - 32

Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones - 27

Donte "The Green Light" Greene - 23

Anthony "Gumby" Williams - 19


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